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(One) JumpMan

IMPORTANT - The download for the game will not work so if you want to play the game you need to use this link. https://www.mediafire.com/file/n8v31oapyg11khs/ONE_JUMP-MAN.rar/file

Obviously this can't be an entry for the jam as this link is being uploaded a lot later, however if you want to play the game you can just please don't leave any ratings. Thanks.

2025 - Jump-Man A.K.A Kangaroo Dude A.K.A ONE Bounce Man A.K.A Big Jump then Nada A.K.A Phil heads towards a military base.He was rejected as a superhero, due to his power being having one jump and so left to fight for his country. However, even they didn't want him, so sent him on a suicide mission climbing through a extremely sparse jungle with absolutely no trees, to reach an enemy base.

A game created in 48 hours, for the GMTK Game Jam 2019, where you can only jump once per level and must solve platforming challenges that would typically be simple in a standard platformer.

Created by Marcus Shaw

Space Bar to Jump

WASD or Arrows to Move

R to Reset Level

Boing Sound Effect - Created by juskiddink found on Freesound.org


(One) Jump-Man.exe 625 kB

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